Karuna Reiki Including Healing Stones

IMG_0184 [1600x1200]Karuna Reiki is the highest level of Reiki available. The word Karuna is a Japanese word which means “Compassionate Action” and Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” or the vital force which flows through the body giving it energy and power to live healthily and happily.

When we are children this energy flows freely through our bodies, we are bursting with enthusiasm, health and vitality.

However, as we become adults and burdened by stresses and strains (physical, mental, emotional) of everyday life, the flow of live, vibrant energy can slow down or become blocked leading to tiredness, apathy, depression or eventually may lead to ill health.

When a Reiki treatment is received the levels of “Universal Life Energy” are increased and strengthened which benefits the body, mind, emotions and spirit as blockages are released.

The body itself determines how much energy is required to regain health and wholeness.

You simply lie on a therapy couch, fully clothed and just relax. I will then gently place my hands in various positions over your body. In some areas being treated you may feel either a pleasant warmth, coolness or a tingling sensation.

This is positive reiki energy healing, regenerating and realigning your whole being on every level you require.

As stress, pain, tension or anxiety are released, you will receive exactly what you need and feel more relaxed, positive, calm and peaceful.



I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for all the help and support you have given me while receiving reiki. I came because of a physical and emotional problem that had been plaguing me for 7 years. I tried my GP and acupuncture which gave me some temporary relief, but I was searching for more – an alternative to conventional medicine that would put an end to the suffering i had endured and reiki provided the answer. Whilst i am not completely cured, there has been a gradual improvement in my health and well being. Reiki has given me mental clarity and the ability to cope more effectively with the challenges of life. For this reason I have since trained in reiki with Gillian up to master level and am now in a position where I can help others to heal as well as myself, thanks to you.

A Lang, Nurse, Glasgow.

I have known Gillian for several years now, i first met you at a time when life began to collapse around me. Me, the busy health care professional had become crippled with panic attacks, depression and my zest for life was disappearing fast. I needed help – medical intervention helped me up to a point, allowing me to return to work, but something was still missing and i needed more help now, or i was going to go completely “mad”. By chance/fate a newspaper featured an article on reiki by Gillian. Well i thought, haven’t a clue what it is but was impressed by the list of symptoms that could be healed. So off i went hopeful, but sceptical. After the first meeting i haven’t looked back and each session reinforced my return to “normal.” Gillian uses a holistic approach, excellent counsellor, useful insights and encouragement to rediscover your true self. She was there to support with reassuring words, distant healing and coping mechanisms. I fully recommend her to those who need help in any area of life as well as those who are getting on alright, as it will allow you focus on who you are and where you are going, providing insight into the good things that are within all of our reach. Gillian is a pleasure to work with and as for myself i undertook reiki 1 and 2 because even 15 minutes of focusing on reiki healing (symbols) helps bring a sense of calm and well being to the day.

A. Millar, Health Care Professional, Balloch.

Gillian Christie thank you for all the lovely Reiki that helped me get my new job and all the great opportunities I’ve had in the last 2 years. I recommend it to anyone that wants to make positive changes and inject a boost of happiness

LM Kilmarnock

 I slept well for the first time in ages, you’re just fantastic at what you do

CF America

I’m feeling super awesome and all is well after the Karuna Reiki, you are amazing

DC Paisley

Extra special gifted thanks to Gillian Christie for putting in the midas touch, I couldn’t have done it without you.

CMK Paisley