Kinesiology including Nutrition

IMG_0179 [1600x1200]Kinesiology is an incredibly accurate therapy, it’s truly holistic integrating all aspects of the person being treated :- physically, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and chemically.

It links Chinese methods of energy flow found in acupuncture with Western style muscle testing, diet and stress management.
Muscle testing assesses the energy in the meridians and organs, which is then combined with a range of balancing techniques, nutrition and natural remedies to release blockages and promote healing and re-educate the whole being on every level required which will get to the root of any challenging issues and improve overall health and well – being easily.

When muscles are tested the results reveal vital information, difficult to determine by any other method of investigation. Many aspects of the health and physiological functions of the person being tested may be assessed quickly.

The feedback directly from the body indicates what is required to correct not only the presenting symptoms but more importantly the underlying cause.

Kinesiology restores health simply and efficiently, relieving stress, dis-ease, tension, energy blockages, enhancing the cleansing of toxins and the body’s own natural healing ability. It obtains information about conditions which are then be treated easily and effectively.

Food sensitivities can also be detected with a follow up nutritional plan to assist maintaining optimum health.

Professional Supplements and Natural Remedies may be part of the treatment as they greatly assist in a speedy return to well-being.

They are an important and valuable part of the investment in your own health and are charged for separately.



I’m very glad my wife persuaded me to come to you Gillian for kinesiology as life has honestly never been better. My health was ok, but not great. The improvement since then has been fantastic. I think the biggest change was that you dealt with a deep seated emotional problem that i had. Thereafter, my confidence improved significantly, I have become much more positive in everything i do. I work more efficiently and quickly – in fact I now have to remind myself to relax and unwind more as I have more energy than i can ever remember. I look forward to our regular meetings to keep my body in condition with a controlled diet assisted by your recommended food supplements.

D Russell, Quantity Surveyor, Paisley.

I came to you with the illnesss M.E. I had tried many different ways of healing, but to no avail. After being recommended by a neighbour to come to you for this treatment i found that i began to improve in many different areas from the myriad of symptoms i had, to regained health, vitality and enthusiasm for life again. Along with the nutritional advice, counselling and supplements i began to feel better more often and for longer periods of time until i was well enough to return to work again. Thank you so much for your invaluable help and support, i am now grateful for each day of feeling healthy and “normal.”

C. Allen, Civil Servant, Ayrshire.

I am feeling excellent today after kinesiology, thank you Gillian, you’re an angel.

CM Johnstone.

Gillian was invaluable to me in recovering from cancer. Through a programme of kinesiology, food sensitivity testing and Reiki Gillian helped me to meet my body’s needs to give it the right support at the right time, thank you.

PP Inchinnan

Thank you so much for the session today, I can’t believe how calm and reassured I feel. I don’t understand how it works – I just know that something positive happened.

GC Paisley

Wow, I can’t believe how much my life has changed, I never thought I would be so happy to be alive

JF Linwood