Jan De Vries Flower and Herbal Remedies

Flower Essences

It is now recognised that improved emotional well being can positively affect all aspects of our lives. In the 1930’s Edward Bach developed the concept of flower essences, with the intention of addressing specific emotional needs. Today, essences are accepted all over the world for providing a significant contribution to holistic healthcare .

The Jan De Vries Essences

The Jan de Vries Essences are combined from essences derived from European plants, bushes and trees, including the familiar Bach Essences.

These are selected not only for particular healing characteristics, but also for their colour. This is because the balance of colour in each blend brings an energetic balance to the final preparation.

In the search for the most appropriate essences for the Jan de Vries combinations, a large cross-section of individuals was assessed. What emerged clearly was the presence of acute stress in many of the subjects. Therefore, to best serve the needs of people living in the demanding modern world, each blend includes the essences for relief of stress, alongside the special requirements for each particular grouping.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are liquid extracts of flowers in a base of grape alcohol. They are usually taken orally and are believed to have a positive effect on emotional well-being, which in turn may have an impact on the health of the whole body.

How do I choose which blend to take?

At first glance it can seem that more than one of the essences would be appropriate to you. You should, however, consider the essence that seems most appropriate to your emotional needs.

How do they work?

Flower essences work to settle your emotions. They can make you feel uplifted, happier, more positive and more able to cope; giving you a feeling of greater focus and being ‘more yourself’.

How are the Jan De Vries essences different?

The Jan de Vries essences are prepared from a number of flower essences derived from European plants, bushes and trees and include the familiar Bach Essences. They are blended to best serve the needs of people living in this demanding modern world. Each blend includes essences for the relief of tension alongside the special requirements for each particular grouping.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects. Occasionally, some may experience an initial tiredness or a temporary unsettling of symptoms. This can be welcomed as it indicative of an emotional cleansing and usually passes quickly.

In such cases, reduce the number of drops for a few days and if possible, allow time for rest, reflection and rejuvenating activities.

How quickly do they work?

Flower essences can work within minutes but are also capable of effecting more long term positive changes. Within a few weeks, most people report feeling settled, uplifted and ‘more themselves’. In addition, many notice the ability to function with greater effectiveness .

How much should I take?

Generally take five drops three times a day in a little water. All the essences can be taken as a ‘one off’ for a quick lift – for this, put five drops in water and sip slowly.

How long does a bottle last?

A 30ml bottle will last three weeks if used as suggested i.e. five drops three times a day.

How long should I take it?

This depends on the individual using the flower essence. In our experience, most will see benefits after one bottle. However some may require up to four courses of the essence .

Can I take essences with herbal or homeopathic remedies?

Yes, flower essences work well with other natural therapies as they enhance a positive frame of mind.

Are there any precautions I need to observe whilst using the essences?

There are no specific precautions. Unlike homeopathic remedies, there is no need to avoid using coffee or mint flavoured toothpaste.

The Essences

Bowel Essence

Negative Indications

Sluggish, blocked, nervous, tense, wound up, anxious, knotted, unsettled, uncomfortable, churning, tormented, holding on

Positive Transformations

Cleansed, calmed, settled, eased, comforted, relaxed, letting go, release.

Child Essence

Negative Indications

Irritable, fractious, attention seeking, overactive, disruptive, impressionable, under confident, tantrums, squabbling, adjusting to life changes e.g. home/school.

Positive Transformations

Stable, relaxed, steady, centred and still, patient, well adjusted, confident.

Concentration Essence

Negative Indications

Mentally tired, drained, disorganised, scattered, unfocused, pressured, indecisive, distracted, uninspired, fuzzyheaded, lacking in confidence, mental chatter.

Positive Transformations

Self Belief, perseverance, concentration, communication, direction, organised, focused, refreshed, clear, enthusiastic.

Confidence Essence

Negative Indications

Nervous, shy, reserved, feelings of inferiority, introverted, bullied, low self esteem, anxiety, dominated, apologetic

Positive Transformations

Assertive, confident, motivated, fulfilled, courageous, overcoming obstacles, feeling of self worth, persevering, inner focus.

Craving Essence

Negative Indications

Over indulgence, dependency, self disgust, shame, guilt, aggression, not in charge.

Positive Transformations

Serene, on top of things, vitality, motivation, direction, cleansed, improved self image, centered.

Emergency Essence

Negative Indications

Crisis, fears, bereavement, anguish, dizziness, extreme tension, pent up, tantrums, distress, accidents, challenging situations, e.g interviews, dentist, exams, travel, public speaking etc.

Positive Transformations

Peace, serenity, courage, alertness, supported, comforted, reassured, eased, settled.

Female Essence

Negative Indications

Tired, unable to cope, tense irritable, vulnerable, negative, vague, scattered, ups and downs, outbursts, clumsy, angry, pressured.

Positive Transformations

Centered, relaxed, on top of things, patient, optimistic, grounded, cleansed, nurtured, improved vitality.

Male Essence

Negative Indications

Over responsible, worried, wound up, pressured, serious, overbearing, needy, dominating, indifferent, intense, overly intellectual, egotistical, intolerant, feelings of inadequacy.

Positive Transformations

Confident, sensitive, sympathetic, warm, humorous, patient, relaxed, respectful, improved self image.

Mood Essence

Negative Indications

Despairing, resigned, unhappy, isolated, ups and downs, despondent, negative, pessimistic, over-serious, resentful, sad.

Positive Transformations

Uplifted, lighthearted, optimistic, cheerful, centered, playful, joyful, enthusiastic, comforted.

Night Essence

Negative Indications

Tense, anxious, restless, wound up, mental chatter, worried, over-sensitive, over-tired, wakeful, fears, overactive.

Positive Transformations

Relaxed, rested, renewed, untroubled, centered, refreshed, protected.

Relaxing Essence

Negative Indications

Pressured, tense, worried, anxious, agitated, over worked, snappy, irritable, weary, burnout, impatient, frustrated, insecure.

Positive Transformations

Unwound, patient, relaxed, peaceful, batteries re-charged, able to pace self and improve lifestyle, setting limits and delegating.

Vitality Essence

Negative Indications

Exhausted, apathetic, pale, overworked, strained, debilitated, overwhelmed, low, lack of drive, resignation.

Positive Transformations

Refreshed, motivated, invigorated, resilient, interested, lively, improved vitality.

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