Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage including Healing Stones

Image006 [1600x1200]Indian head massage is a holistic, traditional gentle massage for the head, face, shoulders, neck and upper back.

It helps to detox your body and relax your mind whilst releasing endorphins to promote the feel good factor and a sense of peace, upliftment, clarity and focus.

As well as balancing the nervous system and stimulating the immune system, it also relieves stress, tension, headaches and assists in hair growth, alertness, concentration, improved circulation and overall health and regeneration.



My partner recommended going to Gillian as he’d had much relief from an illness he’d been battling with. So i decided to give it a try. Having recently had a baby and loving her to bits, i still found myself tired, unfocused and struggling to adapt to my new lifestyle. Also being susceptible to headaches i had been told indian head massage would help. As soon as i sat down and Gillian put her hands on me i began to relax and feel a warm comforting sensation envelop me. The massage itself was like heaven as all the tension, anxiety and strain washed away. I have to say Gillian has a gift that left me feeling like a new woman walking on air. The headaches have much improved and i feel much more able to cope and enjoy my new lifestyle as a mother as well as managing to retain some concentration again.

K. Carroll, Housewife, Glasgow.

I had been suffering from stress and was told that this therapy would be suitable, it certainly was as it helped me relax and the touch was comforting. All the tension from the neck, shoulders and head was released. After the massage I felt very light and my shoulders felt as if a weight had been lifted from them. I have been back for regular sessions, which continues to ease and calm me. I would recommend this marvellous treatment from Gillian, to all who suffer from any kind of stress at all

J. Alexander, Office Manager, Linwood..